Tuesday, 7 March 2017

It's Been Framed!

I seem to have solved the problem of how I can mount and frame the felted artwork. I found a piece of mount board in just the right colour,  (I had it left over from a previous project), and cut it to fit the frame. I then placed the picture on the board and marked where the holes needed to be to stitch the felt to the board. I put two holes close together at intervals but as it's an irregular shape this needed to be done very carefully. I then placed them on foam pads that I use for needle felting (they are just two old seat cushions) and then pierced them through, being careful not to put creases in the mount board.

I then carefully sewed the artwork onto the mount board, making sure that the cotton didn't go through to the front of the picture. I sewed it round twice to be certain it wouldn't come away and then taped over the cotton at the back to make it doubly secure.

It was then simple to slot the mount board into the ready made frame and "Hey presto!"

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