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Acrylic paint is a very versatile medium but can dry very quickly. This is a bonus when making lots of layers or correcting mistakes, but a disadvantage when just the right mix of colours on the palette dries out. One solution is to make a "do it yourself" wet palette using baking parchment placed on top of damp kitchen roll.

Bluebell season is one of my favourite seasons and this is often reflected in my artwork There is nothing better than a stroll through the woods at Bluebell time as the light shines through the trees. 


                                         Acrylic on canvas board; Exbury Gardens

                    Acrylic on canvas board

Miniature paintings for dolls house collectors 

           There is a stage where it all looks a bit of a mess.................

.................until the top layers go on and it starts to make sense.



The joy of colour in God's creation sometimes fills up my senses and fills my soul 

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